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NEW Location 53- 5/28/2019 David Visser sent photos of an inscribed stone his daughter found in central Missouri

NEW Location 15- 4/15/2019 Statue found while mowing.

Location 52- 12/22/2018 Sarah Baker sent a photo of an inscribed stone Dan Barner found in NW MO.

7/11/2018 Bobby Seaton photo #10 for cave near location 11

Location 51 added 5/01/2018 Bobby Seaton found an inscribed
stone in Central Missouri

Location 50 added 4/30/2018 Sarah Stiehl found an inscribed stone.

Location 49 added 1/29/2018 Rhonda Barton found an inscribed
stone in Central Missouri

08/20/2018-update- Location 48 10/08/2017 Bobby Seaton found
an inscribed stone in Central Missouri

Cave with inscriptions near Location 11 added 03/09/2018

Geoglyphs-located in possibly a 55 x 38 (2090 sq.miles)area ,
Location 47


Full Moon Magnetic Reversal Mirage (06/14/1995) Location 42

Rock Art of Missouri and Vicinity

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Aug 17,2016 Location 45- Russ Weiss Photos from Central Missouri

Aug 17,2016 Location 46-Henry Helene Photos from California

March 23, 2016, Location 44- Jared Dwyer found a flat
stone engraved with an ancient inscription.


"During times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes
a revolutionary act." ?George Orwell?

"He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past."
George Orwell- "Ninteen Eighty-Four"

"On this occasion Mr(Hyde)Clarke said that'subject
was so vast, it was impossible to deal thoroughly with
it, but he might mention, that only recently some monuments
in the Indo-Chinese Peninsula in Cambodia and Pegu had been
found by himself to greatly resemble in form those of
Mexico and South America, and at the same time, strong
affinities were discovered between the languages.' He
had just discovered, also, that there was affinity between
the Akkad form of the earliest cuneiform inscriptions
(which remained even now almost without interpretation)
and the Aymara, in Peru,, thus establishing one historic
chain from Babylon to the New World. "Fusang, or The
Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priests in
the 5th Century", Charles G. Leland, 1875

... "(our forefathers came from the west), declare the ancient Choctaws
through their traditions...from the northwest beyond the big water.
'Tis but the traditions of the ignorant Indian-a foolish fable', responded
the pale-face, of boasted historical attainment"... H.B Cushman History
of Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Natchez, 1899

"How the Indians really did originate does not matter; what matters
is how people think they originated." Dr. John H. Powell (J.H Powell)
"The Origins of the American Indian. 1946"

..."it is believed that the present work shows illustrations
nearly identical with many much-discussed carvings and paintings
on the rock of the eastern hemisphere, those in Siberia being most
strongly suggestive of connection...though there is some trace of
Runic inscriptions...Topers of the mysterious delight in such dazing
infusions of perverted fancy, but they are repulsive to the sober student.
...the petroglyphs do not and probably never will disclose the
kind of information hoped for by some enthusiasts...Also though the
occurances interesting to their authors...are not important as facts of
history...mere graffiti." Garrick Mallery "Picture Writing of the American
Indian" (Bureau of Ethnology Washington Printing Office 1894)

"...Implicit was the racist belief that the Native Americans had neither
the, intellectual capacity, nor the technological know-how to erect
monumental structures. This in turn was a justification for the continued
repressive policies toward the Indians. It was much easier to advocate a
policy of genocide if the Indians could be viewed as savages incapable of
significant cultural achievement... Powell, the famous American explorer
who had been the first man to descend the rapids of the Grand Canyon,
believed that the 'lost race' theory was bankrupt. He was firmly convinced
that the fore-bears of the North American Indians had indeed constructed
the monuments.... In one of his annual reports for the Bureau, Powell
wrote... [there] is no reason for us to search for an extralimital origin
through lost tribes for the arts discovered in the mounds of North
America." Thomas S. Garlinghouse, "Revisiting the Mound-Builder Controversy"

"In the monuments of antiquity found throughout North America...the
development of art in savage and barbaric life may be
satisfactorily studied... the discoveries made have often been
illegitimately used, especially for the purpose of connecting the tribes
of North America with peoples or so-called races of antiquity in other
portions of the world...A brief review of some conclusions that must be
accepted in the present status of the science will exhibit the futility
of these attempts...The migrations of mankind from that original home cannot be
intelligently discussed until that home has been discovered...
there has been much unnecessary speculation in respect to the relation
existing between the people to whose existence they attest, and the tribes
of Indians inhabiting the country during the historic period.
...There is, therefore, no reason for us to search for an extra-limital
origin through lost tribes for the arts discovered in the mounds of North
America.(pictographs) a large extent these were simply mnemonic--not
conveying ideas of themselves, but designed more thoroughly to retain in
memory certain events or thoughts by persons who were already cognizant
of the same through current hearsay or tradition...
Hence it will be seen that it is illegitimate to use any pictographic
matter of a date anterior to the discovery of the continent by Columbus
for historic is simply necessary to assert that this has led
to great confusion of nomenclature. Therefore the student of Indian
history must be constantly on his guard in accepting the statements of any
author relating to any tribe of Indians." J.W Powell 1834-1902, Director
Bureau of Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution"On Limitations to the Use
of Some Anthropologic Data

"I presume, enough hath been said to point out the similarity between the
rites and customs of the native American Indians, and those of the
Israelites. -And that the Indian system is derived from the moral,
ceremonial, and judicial laws of the Hebrews...Their religious rites,
marital customs, dress, music, dances, and domestic forms of life...that
they came to America in early times"... James Adair 1775,
The History of the American Indians

Explorations in Grand Canyon, Phoenix Gazette April 5, 1909
"According to the story related to the Gazette by Mr. Kincaid, the
archaeologists of the Smithsonian Institute...have made discoveries which
almost conclusively prove that the race...possibly from Egypt...transla-
tion of tablets engraved with hieroglyphics...Egypt and the Nile, and
Arizona...will be linked by a historical chain...A thorough
examination under the direction of Prof. S.A. Jordan, the Smithsonian
Institute is now prosecuting the most thorough explorations...Nearly a
mile underground about 1480 feet below the surface...mammoth chambers...
Several hundred rooms have been discovered...crypt...mummies...the
people's god, sitting cross-legged with a lotus flower or lily in each
hand...resembles Buddha...One theory is that the present Indian tribes in
Arizona are descendents...The legend was learned by W.E Rollins...There
are two theories of the origin of the Egyptians. One they came from Asia;
another...the upper Nile region. Heeren, an Egyptologist, believed in the
Indian origins of the Egyptians. The discoveries in the Grand Canyon may
throw further light on human evolution and prehistoric ages."

"You've probably heard of those crackpot theories about ancient
Phoenicians or Chinese in the New World. Maybe it's time to start paying
attention...Arrayed against the diffusionists stand the so-called
independent inventionists-mainstream scholars who regard Western
Hemisphere aboiginals as having been essentially free of cross-cultural
contamination until 1492...There is a reason, according to academics who
uphold anthropological orthodoxy at universities and research institutes,
why the diffusionists have elicited nothing but enmity or disregard for
their views: they are crackpots and lunatics...How fitting, then,that
the diffusionists curious lettered stones and tablets would break the
silence, inciting noisy protest from the curators of America's past even as
conversation with visitors from afar." Marc K. Stengel, Atlantic Monthly
Jan. 2000, "The Diffusionists Have Landed"


Nearly everyone is fascinated by the carvings and paintings of animals and
symbols left on rocks by early Americans. Much time has been spent to
understand what they mean, but it is generally accepted by the academic
community that we really don't know, except for those recent enough that
Native Americans can interpret.

When we see modern graffiti, we condemn the vandalism and want the
perpetrator to be fined and repair the damage. I was shocked a few years
ago when I saw approximately 900 square feet of such desecration gouged
into the sandstone face of a Missouri River bluff. I had heard about
carvings of animals at this location and wanted to see and photograph
them in an effort to better understand this medium of communication.

On my third trip there I felt I had found most of the animals and symbols
that were readable and I began searching among the carvings of Bill,
Fred, and Alice to see what they so carelessly had concealed. It soon
became apparent that most of the letters were clear, but unintelligible.
The letters repeated and were obviously not the ones we used. So began
the puzzle that has occupied most of my free time during the past years

My research has shown me that there are many people who understand this
unintelligible graffiti is the alphabet of early Americans who left their
messages in much the same way we use billboards. My disgust has turned to
admiration of prehistoric scribes who have left us a valuable record of
their civilization. We are beginning to better understand their religion,
commerce, laws, and aspirations. Although much information has been already
documented, Missouri has an extensive collection of these records
that have not been recorded or evaluated. It is my hope that people will
assist in the location of these prehistoric billboards, the same way they
have recorded the location of caves. It is around caves that the vast
majority of these inscriptions have been found.

I know that much controversy surrounds this subject, and it will not be
the purpose of this forum to enter into that quagmire. I want to record as
many of these inscriptions as possible before development and the elements
erase them. This resource will be made available to future historians who
want to accept the challenge of evaluating what this evidence means for
American history.

What can you do? When you are climbing through the rocks and valleys
of the Midwest and notice letters carved into the rocks, take a moment and
see if you understand what has been written. If you CAN'T, please copy a
sample, exactly as you see it, and contact me. I will add this material
to the 4000 sq. ft. of inscriptions I have already found. You can share
with others the thrill of discovering a part of history (an accepted myth)
that has been missed.

I will eventually fill this webpage with samples of the inscriptions I
have found so you can better understand what is out there. Feel free to
contact me if you have questions.


October 29,1998 Site 7 has been added today in an effort to show you both
the original photograph and the inscription that was found. This discovery
was made accidentally. I was on a family outing on the Mississippi River
in Minnesota. While boating I spotted petroglyphs near a small cave and
later went to the location on foot. This cave is in a residential area
and visited often by locals. These inscriptions are everywhere, you may
find one when you least expect it.

November 3,1999 I have recently received information about a cave in the
midwest that is full of inscriptions. You might find this interesting.

Coopna Cave:

Ocotber 22, 2000 Site 8 has been added because Dwight Weaver took me to
a location where he recognized the presence of inscriptions.

November 1, 2000 Site 9 has been added today.

September 18, 2001 Site 10 was added. Jeff Stilson guided a group to a
new location and Chris Wolters took the pictures.

January 5, 2002 Site 11 has been added today as part of large amount of
inscriptions that have been identified in a Missouri cave.

July 20, 2002 Site 12 has been added today.

August 26, 2002 Site 13 has been added today because Van Tobin contacted
me about a cave he and his father visited on family property years ago.
Many local traditions surround this cave and Van has always been inter-
ested in the meaning of the markings he saw on the cave walls.

January 28,2003 Site 14 has been added today because a rock collector,
Vincent Tuerpe,
sent me some photos of unusual rocks he found in Oregon. He would
appreciate any comments you might have.

August 5, 2003 Site 15 has been added today because a Missouri farmer and
his neighbors have informed me of mounds and inscriptions on their lands.
So far I have inventoried 716 circular mounds with an average undisturbed size
of 3ft. high and 25 ft. diameter. Other mounds of a different configuration
occur, but they are the exception. There appear to be 2 previously
balanced rocks that have shifted and an upright stone monument.
Many rock tablets have also been found.

Feb. 19, 2004 Site 16 has been added today because Jim Jung contacted
me about inscriptions he found in Illinois. To see his findings not shown here go to:

The Waterman & Hill Traveler's Nature Almanac

May 4,2004 Site 17 was added today because Eric Hertzler and Brian Cook
took me to a cave where they recognized ancient writing.

Nov. 27, 2004 Site 18 was added today because Eric Hertzler gave me
photos of a cave he visited recently in S.E. Colorado.

Aug. 12, 2006 Site 19 is from central Iowa.

Nov. 4, 2006 Bobby Seaton supplied information and some photos about
sites 8, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24

June 5, 2007 Site 26 Roy Moore supplied information for four rock walls, and 6 mounds sites 25 & 26

Dec. 2, 2007 Site 27 Gary and Alberta Zumwalt supplied this location.

Feb. 9, 2008 Site 28 Bill Duncan supplied the information for this site.

Mar. 4, 2009 Site 29 Carmen Martin supplied these photos from southern Missouri.

Mar. 4, 2009 Site 30 Andy Isabel supplied these photos from southeast Missouri.

Mar 4, 2009 Site 21 Ken Long showed me inscriptions at this location.

July 6, 2009 Site 31 Ron & Lorely Lather and Ken Long showed me inscriptions at this location.

July 27, 2009 Site 32 Photos from a cave in SE Kansas revealed these inscriptions.

Oct. 16, 2009 Site 33 Ken Long sent me photos from a location in NE Okla.

Sept. 25, 2010 Site 34 Paul Ashe sent photos of artifacts he found in east central Missouri.

Nov. 4, 2010 Site 35 Roy Moore sent photos of an artifact Brent Luaders found in east central Missouri

April 7, 2011 Sites 36,37,38 and 39 have been combined because they
are in the same general area of west Missouri and east Kansas.

December 7, 2011 Bobby Seaton new inscriptions at Location 21 photos

January 17, 2012 Location 40 Bobby Seaton saw this broken rock with an inscription
in the road near his home.

February 13, 2012 Location 41 found in Central Kansas

June 1, 2012 New evidence in Location 15 & 21

Oct. 13, 2012 Karen Bell supplied photos for Location 42 E-Central MO.

Jan. 9, 2013 Location 43 from SW United States was added today.

Head, Arrow, Banker


Location #1


1A- Walking fish, bird, deer, squares, cross (chart)


1B- Deer, squares, misc. symbols (chart)


1C- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


1D- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


1E- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


1F- Heart shape, letters ancient alphabet (chart)


1G- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)

1H- Head, arrow, cross (photo)


1ha-Head, arrow, face, bird?, 1i letters ancient alphabet (photo)

1i-Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 1j-Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 1k-Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
1l-Heart, letters ancient alphabet (photo), 1m-Square and symbols (photo), 1n-Squares and letters ancient alphabet (photo)
1o-Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 1p-Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 1q-Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
1r-Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 1s-Letters ancient alphabet (photo),


1t-Deer (photo)


1u- Symbol drawing


Location #2


2- Arrow, square, letters ancient alphabets (chart)

2a-ZAKEYTON (photo)


2b-ZA (photo)

2c-KEY (photo),


2d-TON (photo)

2e-IS MILLER (photo)

2f-J MIOW (photo)
2g-Square, letters ancient alphabet (photo), 2h-Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
2i-Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 2j-Arrow and closeup of "feather" (photo)

Location #3

3A- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


3B- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


3C- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


Location #4

4- Feathered head, letters ancient alphabet (chart)

4a- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)


4b- Triangle with letters (photo)

4c- Feathered head (photo)
4d- Feathered head and badly weathered inscription (photo)
4e- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 4f- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 4g- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)

StickFigure, BlackAnimal

The location and photos for 5 were supplied by Matt Beeson
5A- Red and white pictographic symbols (photo)
5B- Red, white and black pictographic painting (photo)
5C- Red and black pictographic horse? (photo)
5D- Black pictographic figure and red, white and black symbols (photo)
5E- Red, white and black pictographic animal (photo)
5F- Red and black pictographic figure (photo)
5G- Large red and black pictographic symbol (photo)
5H- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 5HA- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
5I- Red, white and black pictographic concentric circles (photo)
5J- Red, white and black pictographic concentric circles (photo)
5KA- Red, white and black sectioned circle (photo)
5L- Black and white pictographic symbol (photo)
5M- Black pictographic figure with red background and 5 white triangles (photo)


Location #6
6- Phallic monument with ancient alphabetical inscription (photo)


7- Letters ancient alphabet (photo & chart)

Inscriptiona, Inscriptionb

Location supplied by Dwight Weaver

8aa-Letters ancient alphabet (chart)

8A- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8B- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
8C- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8D- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8E- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
8F- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8G- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8H- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
8I- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8J- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 8K- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
8L- Cave/shelter with inscriptions (photo)
8M- Dwight Weaver at cave/shelter with inscriptions (photo)
8N- Upper small cave/shelter with inscripitons (photo)
8o Bobby Seaton, "the archaeological bloodhound", at his permanent camping spot
Seaton photo 1


Seaton photo 2

Seaton photo 3 Seaton photo 4 Seaton photo 5
Seaton photo 6 Seaton photo 7 Seaton photo 8 Seaton photo 9 Seaton photo 10
Seaton photo 11


Location #9
9a- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9b- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9c- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
9d- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9e- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9f- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
9g- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9h- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9i- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
9j- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9k- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9l- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
9m- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9n- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9o- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
9p- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 9q- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)


Location for site 10 was supplied by Jeff Stilson,
and the photos were taken by Chris Wolters
10a- Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 10b- Letters ancient alphabet (photo)

Drawinga, Drawingb, Drawingc

Location (11a-c)drawn to reveal placement;
11d to f same inscriptions made more readable
11a- Letters ancient alphabet (chart), 11b- Letters ancient alphabet (chart), 11c- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


11d- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)

11e- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)


11f- Letters ancient alphabet (chart)

Artifact (07/07/09)
Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Drawing 3, Drawing 4, Drawing 5,
Drawing 6, Drawing 7, Drawing 8, Drawing 9,
Drawing 10 Drawing 11, Drawing 12, Drawing 13,
Drawing 14a left half, Drawing 14b right half Drawing 15
Drawing 16, Drawing 17, Drawing 18, Drawing 19, Drawing 20
Drawing 21, Drawing 22, Drawing 23, Drawing 24, Drawing 25
Drawing 26, Drawing 27, Drawing 28, Drawing 29, Drawing 30
Drawing 31, Drawing 32, Drawing 33, Drawing 34, Drawing 35
Drawing 36, Drawing 37, Drawing 38, Drawing 39, Drawing 40
Drawing 41, Drawing 42, Drawing 43, Drawing 44, Drawing 45
Drawing 46, Drawing 47, Drawing 48, Drawing 49, Drawing 50
Drawing 51, Drawing 52, Drawing 53, Drawing 54, Drawing 55
Drawing 56, Drawing 57, Drawing 58, Drawing 59, Drawing 60
Drawing 61, Drawing 62, Drawing 63, Drawing 64 Drawing 65
Drawing 66, Drawing 67, Drawing 68, Drawing 69, Drawing 70
Drawing 71, Drawing 72, Drawing 73, Drawing 74, Drawing 75
Drawing 76, Drawing 77, Drawing 78, Drawing 79, Drawing 80

Cave inscriptions near Location 11

Magnify photos to see background symbols

Ceiling inscription, photo 2, photo 2 marked, photo 3, photo 3 marked
photo 4, photo 4 marked, photo 5, photo 5 marked
photo 6, photo 6 marked, photo 7, photo 7 marked
photo 8, photo 8 marked, photo 9, photo 9 marked Seaton photo 10

Inscriptionm, Inscriptionn

Location 12


12- Letters ancient alphabet on a bone fragment

12a- Letters ancient alphabet on pottery, entire piece,
12b- section view 1, 12c- section view 2 12d- section view 3
12e- Drawing of markings on entire piece of pottery

Inscriptiono, Inscriptionp

Location 13 supplied by Van Tobin
13aa Letters ancient alphabet (chart), 13a Letters ancient alphabet (photo)


13bb Letters ancient alphabet (The letters "Fry" were carved by a friend of
Van's and the "DT" to the right were his brother's initials.


13cc Letters ancient alphabet (chart)

13b Letters ancient alphabet (photo)

13c Letters ancient alphabet (The letters "Fry" were carved by a friend of
Van's and the "DT" to the right were his brother's initials.) (photo)

13d Letters ancient alphabet (The letters "Fry" were carved by a friend of
Van's and the "DT" to the right were his brother's initials.) (photo)

13e Letters ancient alphabet (photo), 13f Letters ancient alphabet (photo)
13g Picture of the cave where most of the inscriptions are located.

Face1, Inscriptiond

Location 14 was supplied by Vincent Tuerpe ( a
Rock Collector who found these rocks in Oregon. He would appreciate
any comments you might have.
14a Rock Photo, 14b Rock Photo, 14c Rock Photo, 14d Rock Photo
14e Rock Photo, 14f Rock Photo, 14g Rock Photo

BalancedROCK, Effigya, Effigyb, Effigyc

Location 15 supplied by 3 Missouri farmers.
Statue side 1 18.5"x7.5"x4", Magnify photos to see inscriptions.
Statue side 2,
Statue face outlined.

Mounds 1 to 701 surveyed. I have now found a total of 980 mounds.
There appears to be a relationship between the mounds and a cave system.
Preliminary electromagnetic survey findings seem to support this premise.
If you know of another instance where this relationship seems to exist,
please let me know. In a 1 meter square approx. 80lb. of broken pottery was found.

Balanced Rock 1 (strong electromagnetic field), Balanced Rock 2 (strong electromagnetic field)
Standing Rock Monument
Two objects found in the vicinity, More artifacts found near mounds
Artifacts continued - 1, Artifacts continued - 2
Tablet 1, Tablet 2, Tablet 3, Tablet 4, Tablet 5
Tablet 6, Tablet 7, Tablet 8, Tablet 9, Tablet 10
Rock Walls(chart), Rock Wall 336'(33.3x10) photo
Effigy Stone Left Side, Right Side, Back, Inscription on back
#2 Effigy Stone left side, Right, Front and back
Four artifacts found together


Artifact with inscription
Assorted artifacts found together
Stone tool views, Petrified bone views, Stone axe views
Assorted artifacts found together



Effigy stone & pottery
-Second effigy stone matches the one above
-Pottery with ancient writing -Pottery-a, Pottery-b, Pottery-c, Pottery-d
-Pottery and stones used to strengthen base


-Inscribed stone and drawing


Location 16 supplied by Jim Jung.
Inscription natural and highlighted

Inscriptionr, Inscriptions

Location 17 supplied by Eric Hertzler and Brian Cook
Inscription drawing 1, Inscription drawing 2
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5
Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9, Photo 10
Photo 11, Photo 12, Photo 13, Photo 14, Photo 15
Photo 16, Photo 17, Photo 18, Photo 19, Photo 20
Photo 21, Photo 22, Photo 23, Photo 24,
Photo 25, Photo 26, Photo 27

Inscriptionf, Inscriptiong

Location 18 supplied by Eric Hertzler
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
Photo 4, Photo 5

Head19ee, Inscriptionh, Inscriptioni, Inscriptionj

Location 19 Found in Central Iowa
Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5
Photo 6, Photo 7, photo 8, Photo 9, Photo 10
Photo 11, Photo 12, Photo 13, Photo 14, Photo 15
Photo 16, Photo 17, Photo 18, Photo 19, Photo 20
Photo 21, Photo 22, Photo 23, Photo 24, Photo 25


Photo 26

Photo 27

Photo 28, Photo 29, Photo 30
Photo 31 (head at bottom) Photo 32, Photo 33, Photo 34, Photo 35
Photo 36


Photo 37

Photo 38

Photo 39, Photo 40
Photo 41, Photo 42, Photo 43


Photo 44

Photo 45

Photo 46, Photo 47, Photo 48, Photo 49,
Photo 50, Photo 51


Location 20 was supplied by Bobby Seaton
Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Elephant, Foot, Inscriptione

Location 21 and four photos were supplied by Bobby Seaton
Ken Long in Fall 2008 showed me these inscriptions
Seaton Photo 1 Seaton Photo 2 Seaton Photo 3 Seaton Photo 4
Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9
Rock circled pit View village location from pit
Seaton Inscription


Drawing of Inscription

Seaton Artifact
Foot Inscriptions 10/07, Enlarged (Seaton photos, 30' rock wall


Caves & Bluff features


-20' feature at lower section of 90' bluff in a large river valley a few miles away

Long 1,

Long 2, Long 3


Long 4

Long 5

Long 6, Long 7, Long 8
Seaton Photo da, Seaton Photo db, Seaton Photo ea, Seaton Photo eb, Seaton Photo ff
-Seaton Artifact

Wall, Face

Location 22 was supplied by Bobby Seaton
The photos of rocks stacked in a straight line are evidence of rock walls that have
collapsed. The walls run either north to south or east to west.
Photo 1, Photo 2,
Concave impression in stone with nutting hole
Concave impression in stone
Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7
Mound - Photo 8
Photo 9, Photo 10
Depression of a storage pit. The area is full of these depressions.
Arrowhead # 1, Arrowhead # 2
Photo 11, Photo 12
Wall section that has not collapsed. Width of wall section that has not collapsed.
Seaton Inscription Photo 1 Seaton Inscription Photo 2
Seaton Inscription Photo 3 Seaton Inscription Photo 4
Inscription photo, Drawing of inscription
Bent tree 1 Bent tree 2
Rock mounds were numerous near the rock walls
500(33.3x15) foot rock wall east section
500 foot rock wall middle section
500 foot rock wall NW section
Marker 1, Marker 2
Trail Marker, Inscription
80(33.3x2+33.3/2) foot rock wall (many others lengths 10' to 40')
Many rock walls under water.
Cave entrance, Drawing of inscription in cave entrance
Hand pictograph near cave, Trailmarker
Submerged rock wall to island
Seaton - Nutting/grindstone and artifacts left in place
Rock mound rock displaced, Bent tree with Bobby Seaton
Inscription and drawing
Trailmarkers (tree) and rock
Trailmarkers tree 1 and tree 2
Hide rubbing spot

There is an area of several acres that appears to be a prehistoric earthwork.
It is located on the side of a hill with two stone triangles at the top,
6 stair-step levels of approx. 33' x 50', a circular stone area approx. 100'
in diameter at the bottom, and a raised U shaped 10' wide mound protecting the sides.
Diagram of earthwork
Directional stone diagram
(Location 15 infrared satellite photos reveal two triangles and a large rectangle,
but a physical inspection shows nothing. This is on the
the same longitude (degree and Minute) as the earthwork in location 22,
and 8.325 miles distant.

Stacked stone on level 5 and view of level 5 below level 6
Standing stone 1, Standing stone 2

A mile west of this earthwork is what appears to be a very large, flat,
rectangular mound constructed in a valley at the base of a hill.
Mound surface - looking north, looking south
West side ramp to mound

Rock pile, Large rock pile
Trailmarker (tree 1), Trailmarker (tree 2)
Large stone with markings, Markings on sharpening stone
Needle sharpening grouves, Nutting Stone
Pottery 1, Pottery 2

Thongtree, Moundmap

Location 23 was supplied by Bobby Seaton
Trail Marker (thong tree)
48 mounds in approx. 10 acres
Mounds were approx. 3 feet high and 25 feet in diameter.

Inscriptiont, Inscriptionu

Location 24 was supplied by Bobby Seaton, April 27, 2007
Cave Entrance, Pictograph #1, Pictograph #2
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4
Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8
Photo 9, Photo 10, Photo 11, Photo 12
Photo 13


Photo 14

Photo 15

Photo 16
Photo 17, Photo 18, Photo 19, Photo 20
Photo 21, Photo 22, Photo 23, Photo 24
Photo 25, Photo 26, Photo 27, Photo 28
Photo 29, Photo 30, Photo 31, Photo 32
Photo 33, Photo 34, Photo 35, Photo 36
Photo 37, Photo 38, Photo 39, Photo 40
Photo 41, Photo 42, Photo 43

Walla, RkPile

Location 25- Roy Moore supplied location for 50'(33.3+2x8.325)
100'(33.3x3) rock walls, 200'(33.3x6) effigy rock wall, and 6 mounds.
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
Effigy rock wall, 1 Effigy 2, Effigy 3


Effigy drawing

6 mounds

50' rock wall with large rock pile on north end.
This is the fourth rock wall in the area with large rock pile on north end.

Cave entrance & Inscription


Two Inscription photos and drawings


Location 26 - Roy Moore and Junior Jones supplied locations for 300'(33.3x9) and 110'(33.3x3+8.325) rock wall respectively.
Photo 1 (1- 5 of 300' wall), Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Wall Length, Photo 5
Photo 6 (6 - 9 of 110' wall), Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9


Location 27 - Gary and Alberta Zumwalt supplied an artifact from this location
Artifact with inscription


Location 28 - Bill Duncan supplied the information for this location
There is a completely buried 142ft.(33.3x4+8.325) rock wall running north / south.
Artifact Photo 1, Artifact Photo 2


Location 29 Carmen Martin supplied these photos
Photo 1, Photo 2


Photo 3 (outlined)

Photo 4, Photo 5


Photo 6 (04/11/09)

Inscriptionv, Inscriptionw, Doublehead

Location 30 Andy Isabel supplied these photos
Photo 1 (outlined), Photo 2 (outlined), Photo 3, Photo 4, Face 1, Face 2


Location 31 Location provided by Ron & Lorely Lather and Ken Long.
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4
Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8

Location 32 Photos from a cave in SE Kansas revealed these inscriptions.
Photo 1, Photo2


Photo 3


Location 33 Ken Long provided a location in NE Okla.
Long Photos 1, Long Photos 2




Photo 4

Photo 5, Photo 6
Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9, Photo 10
Photo 11


Photo 12


Photo 13

Photo 14
Photo 15, Photo 16, Photo 17, Photo 18
Photo 19, Photo 20, Photo 21, Photo 22
Photo 23, Photo 24, Photo 25

Grindstone, Grindhole

Location 34 Paul Ashe provided photos of artifacts he found in east central Missouri
Artifact 1, Artifact 2, Artifact 3, Artifact 4, Artifact 4 hole depth

Strapstone, Strapface

Location 35 Roy Moore provided photos of an artifact found by Brent Luaders in east central Missouri
Moore photo 1, , Moore photo 2, Moore photo 3, Artifact size


Locations 36,37,38 and 39 from west Missouri and east kansas
Inscripitions from four locations


Location 40 Bobby Seaton found this broken inscription in the road near his home.
Seaton artifact


Location 41 found in Central Kansas.


Location 42 Karen Bell photos from east central Missouri.
Face with eyes chiseled off
An individual's research has shown that during the full moon a location
near here produces a magnetic-reversal-mirage where the sun "appears" to
temporarily shift position
man-in-the-moon inscription?


Location 43 from SW United States


Location 44 from east central Missouri
Inscription discovered by Jared Dwyer
Inscription, Inscription size reduced


Location 45 Russ Weiss photos from central Missouri
Thunderbird- A lake in Midwest, considered "natural", is shaped like this stone.
Birdman, Man singing or talking, Face rock, Rock raised pattern


Location 46 Henry Helene photos from California
Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4


Location 47 Geoglyphs located in midwest
Geoglyphs 2, Geoglyphs 3, Geoglyphs 4, Geoglyphs 5, Geoglyphs 6,
Geoglyphs 7, Geoglyphs 8, Geoglyphs 9, Geoglyphs 10, Geoglyphs 11
Geoglyphs 12, Geoglyphs 13, Geoglyphs 14, Geoglyphs 15, Geoglyphs 16,
Geoglyphs 17, Geoglyphs 18, Geoglyphs 19

Location 48 Inscribed stone Bobby Seaton found in Central Missouri
Side 1, Side 1 cleaned, Side 2, Side 2 cleaned

Location 49 Inscribed stone Rhonda Barton found in Central Missouri

Location 50 Inscribed stone found by Sarah Stiehl
Photo 1, Photo 2

Location 51 Inscribed stone Bobby Seaton found in Central Missouri

Location 52 Inscribed stone Dan Barner found in NW Missouri
Photo 1, Photo 2

Location 53 Inscribed stone David Visser's daughter found in central Missouri
Photo 1, photo 1 marked, photo 2, photo 2 marked
Photo 3, photo 3 marked, Photo 4
Photo 5. Photo 5 marked

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